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with the free contact forms

Here's a list of guides to help you get the most out of the forms.

Form requirements

If you want to successfully use one of our form scripts, then your system must meet the minimum requirements set out in this guide.

Form requirements

How to install the Free Contact Form

In this guide, we cover: How to set up the free contact form, Getting to know the files, HTML file, configuration file, JavaScript file, CSS file, and Email templates.

Install the Free Contact Form

Contact Forms - The Definitive Guide

Want to know everything about contact forms? now you can. Read about the history of contact forms and just about everything else you could ever imagine.

Contact Forms definitive guide

What is a contact form and how do they work?

In this guide, we cover: What is a contact form?, Why is a contact form used?, What makes a good contact form? and How a contact form works from a technical standpoint

What is a contact form

How to create a simple HTML contact form

This is an updated guide that shows HTML, CSS, and PHP code used to build a simple HTML contact form that sends an email.

Simple HTML contact form