The Free Contact Form

Demonstration and Download


  • Submissions sent by email
  • HTML and Text emails
  • Email auto-responder
  • SMTP support
  • Client-side validation (using JavaScript)
  • Server-side validation (using PHP)
  • Highly customisable
  • Easy to add to your website
  • Full source code

How to use

  • Step one - Download and unzip
  • Step two - Edit the configuration file
  • Step three - Add to your website
  • Step four - Enjoy

About the free contact form

Enhance your website with our free contact form, crafted for easy integration into your online setup. It's the tool that allows your visitors to send messages directly to your inbox without any hassle.

Our contact form acts as a bridge between you and your audience, making it simple for them to reach out. Simply download and add it to your site to ensure smooth communication and connect with your visitors effortlessly.

Upgrade your website today with our contact form and never miss an opportunity to engage with your audience.

Is it really free?

Absolutely! Our contact form code is available for use on both personal and commercial websites, completely free of charge.

However, there are certain conditions. The form cannot be deployed on any website featuring explicit, illegal, or hateful content. If you're unsure whether your website meets these criteria, feel free to reach out to us for clarification.

Additionally, please note that the free contact form includes a small attribution to FreeContactForm, displayed under the form.

Configuring the free contact form

Configuration is a breeze - simply add your email address to the configuration file, and you're good to go. However, if you require more advanced configuration options, rest assured that we offer a plethora of additional features to cater to your needs.

Email customisation

You're in charge of how your emails look. Our contact form gives you complete freedom to style your emails exactly the way you want. We provide basic HTML and text email templates with the form, allowing you to customise them to perfectly suit your preferences and requirements.

Form validation

When your visitors use your form, our form validator ensures that all fields are completed correctly.

As standard, the validation process ensures that the user enters no more than 100 characters into the Name field, provides a valid email address, and enters no more than 3000 characters into the Message field. The Phone number field is optional and should not exceed 30 characters.

Validation occurs in real-time using JavaScript in the browser and is further verified on the server side by PHP.

Form styling

Our form comes with custom stylesheets, allowing you to effortlessly match your website's fonts and colours. Feel free to edit these styles to seamlessly integrate the form with your site's design aesthetic.

Download and setup

Setting up the form on your website is easy. Simply download and extract the files, then add your email address to the configuration file (fcf-assets/fcf.config.php) before uploading it to your website.

For further instructions, visit the free contact form installation page.

Free Download

If you run into any problems, please read the help page.

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