Contact Form - Free

Below is a demonstration of our free contact form script in action. You can download the full source-code and freely use it on your websites.


  • Submissions sent by email
  • HTML and Text emails
  • Full SMTP integration
  • Full client-side validation (using JavaScript)
  • Full server-side validation (using PHP)
  • Highly customisable
  • Installer to help with easy setup
  • Run on your own server

How to use

  • Step one - Download contact form and unzip
  • Step two - Upload to your website
  • Step three - Run the installer
  • Full Installation Guide
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About the free contact form

The free contact form is created to run on your own website allowing your visitors to send messages directly to your chosen email addresses.


The download comes with a contact form installer which will ask you to provide your forms preferences, for example: where you want the form submissions to be emailed to (CC and BCC also available), what the subject line of the email will be, as well as SMTP details (you’re hosting provider can give you this). Once you provide the required details and click the install button, your form will be ready to use.

Email customisation

You have full control to style the emails as you want. The form comes with a basic HTML and TEXT email templates, you can edit these to meet your own needs.

Form validation

When your visitor uses your form, the form validator will check the fields have been completed correctly. By default, it will make sure the user enters between 2 and 60 characters into the Name field, provide a valid email address and enters between 2 and 3000 characters into the Message field. This validation is done in real-time by JavaScript in the browser and also checked again on the Server by PHP.

Form styling

The forms are styled using custom stylesheets that have cleanly named entities (all starting with "fcf-""), this prevents it from altering your website's styles. Only minimum styles are provided which are needed by the form. It’s very easy to change the sizes, colours or fonts. There is an extra stylesheet included if you want to use another pre-build button style. Check out the guide on how to do this.

Extending the form

In many cases, the standard three fields (Name, Email, and Message) will be fine, but you may want to extend your contact form by adding more fields. This is very easy to do, but there are several places in the files that require changes. Once you’re familiar with the files, it’ll literally only take a few minutes to add new fields.