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We provide self-hosted contact form source code to website owners and operators. We're grateful to have helped so many by providing them with the source code they need. Whether you're an aspiring webmaster or an accomplished developer, we're here to help.

Who's behind FreeContactForm


Hello and welcome, I'm Stuart Cochrane - a web developer, designer, and software architect with years of experience under my belt.

Back when I was juggling multiple websites, I found myself spending countless hours crafting forms from scratch.

That's when inspiration struck - why not share the contact form code I've painstakingly developed?

What we offer

We offer contact form source code, enabling you to host them on your own servers. You have the flexibility to customise the forms to suit your specific requirements - whether it's tweaking the style or adding new fields.

Rest assured, any data transmitted through your forms remains under your control. It's never store on third-party systems, ensuring your peace of mind.

Since our website's inception in 2005, we've facilitated over 2.5 million contact form downloads and assisted countless individuals in launching their contact forms successfully.

What we don't offer

As this website began, numerous others emerged, offering website forms. While some boast additional features not found here, they typically operate under a different business model. Many offer SaaS (Software as a Service), requiring a subscription. Under this model, they manage and host the forms on their servers as long as you remain subscribed. However, it's important to note that they retain ownership of your forms and any associated data.

If maintaining control is a priority for you, these services may not align with your needs.

Where we are based

We're based in Scotland, United Kingdom.