Form Emailer

With our generic form emailing script, you can have your existing forms sent to your email address. Simply upload our form mailer script to your website, add your settings, and your form will be ready to email you!

We offer pre-built forms and have a form builder available, but sometime people already have forms created - they just don't do anything when the submit button is clicked. Our form emailer script is designed to hook into your submit button. It will read the data from your form and generate an email with all the information.

What's included

When you purchase our form emailer script (also known as a generic form parser), you will receive a PHP script along with installation instructions.

How to install the script

Installation is easy. In brief there are 3 steps involved.
1. Open the PHP script (included) in a text or coded editor and add some settings (like your email address).
2. Upload the PHP script to your website.
3. Edit two lines of code in your existing form(s) and upload.

* Full installation instruction are included.

What you need

In order to use our script, you are required to have the following.

1. Your own form.
2. Web Hosting with PHP support (almost all hosting account have this!).
License Count.